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Things to do in Budapest

Buda or Pest? Budapest is a city of two halves, the Buda side and the Pest side and there is plenty to do on both the Buda side and Pest side of the Hungarian capital and GivYo has collated some excellent ideas for things to do in Budapest.

So, just to give you a quick rundown on the awesome capital city of Hungary. Budapest is considered the most beautiful capital city in Europe and one of the most idyllic places to live in Europe, it is a city full of culture. Budapest is packed full of bars, clubs, spas, museums and places of interest, if you are planning on a visit to Budapest you will need a long weekend as a minimum as there is so much to see and do. The Danube River splits the city into two, the Buda side to the west and the Pest side to the east. It's worth exploring both sides and crossing the many bridges that join both sides of the capital.

Known as "The City of Baths" Budapest is home to two of the world's most famous bath spas. Budapest is fortunate to be the only capital city in the world that has thermal waters, these thermal springs have allowed Budapest to operate traditional thermal bath spas since the 16th century. Visiting a bath in Budapest must be on your list of things to do in Budapest, especially for those who like to enjoy some chill out time. The most well-known of the Budapest baths is Széchenyi Baths.

Széchenyi Baths is located on the Pest side of Budapest in District 14. Construction of Széchenyi Baths started in 1909 and took approximately 4 years to complete at the time, the baths are named after István Széchenyi, who is considered by many Hungarians as there most important politician and statesmen in history. Over the years Széchenyi Baths have increased in size and have been refurbished several times. There are three grand outdoor pools and 15 indoor baths, as well as various options of wellness treatments on offer, Széchenyi Baths is the go to place in Budapest for a relaxing time. We have a great range of Széchenyi Spa Days available from simple skip the queue entry tickets to Széchenyi Spa to VIP Harmony Massage treatments.

Szechenyi Spa


Gellért Baths are another world-renowned bath spa and are positioned within the Hotel Gellért but they do have their own separate entrance now as they are open to non-hotel residents too. Built just after Széchenyi Baths, Gellért Baths opened its doors for business way back in 1918 and is Buda's answer to Széchenyi Baths in Pest. The Art Nouveau design of Gellért Baths offers a setting that is as picturesque as one could image and it's said that Art Gellért Baths are one of the most photographed in Hungary. The warmth of the Gellért Baths is a natural occurrence and is generated from the waters from the hills of Gellért hot water springs. There are also a large range of wellness treatments that can be taken advantage of at Gellért Baths. 

Gellért Baths

It's recommended that if you are spending time in Budapest, it's worth taking a tour of Budapest. One of our top things to do in Budapest, is a craft beer cruise. You can board a boat on the Danube River, take in the sights of Budapest, whilst sipping a craft beer or two. Hungarian beer ranges from IPA's to wheat beers and lager. You will be guided by your hostess, who will give you detailed knowledge of each of the beers you smaple, whilst also pointing out the attractions along the way.

A great way of getting around the city is by segway, our selection of segway tours offer a great insight into the certain areas of the city. The segway tours on offer are the Castle District segway tour in Budapest, City Centre tour and City Park tour. On a Castle District segway tour in Budapest you will get the opportunity to ride a segway and explore such attractions as Matthias Church, Fishermans' Bastion, Jewish Prayer House, Vienna Fate, Mary Madalene Tower, the Military Museum, as well as being able to view the  Görgey Artúr Statue and the Palace of Budapest. This is a great cultural segway tour of Budapest's Castle District and is great for anyone to wants to quickly explore the sights of the Castle District. 

The City Park Budapest Segway tour sends you on an adventure around the City Park area, which is on the Pest side on the Danube River. This City Park Segway tour will show you such sights as Heroes' Square, Art Hall, Museum of Fine Arts, you will also head down Koós Károly lane to view the wonderful Széchenyi spa and following this you will ide past Capital Circus, Budapest Zoo, House of Terror, Liszt Academy and finish up at the Hungarian State Opera House.

The These segway tours in Budapest only last about a couple of hours, so you will easily be able to do them all in a couple of days over a long weekend or short break. 

All Budapest Segway Tours


Parapark in Budapest should be top of your list of things to do in Budapest if you are excited by challenges, problem solving, mysteries and team activities. There are several games in which you can participate in, including Crime Scene 95, Community Cube Factory and Warehouse of Wonders. Parapark's Crime Scene 95 escape room in Budapest is a setup whereby several crimes have been committed and it is your job to investigate and solve the crimes. The Community Cube Factory is based in an abandoned warehouse, where past workers haunt the assembly lines, it's your job to put all the pieces back together and solve the mystery as to how this happened. Finally, the Warehouse of Wonders escape room in Budapest's Parapark has themes that regularly change, it's worth checking in with us to discover which theme they are rolling out at the time of your visit.

Many bachelor parties, group holidays and bachelorette parties take place in Budapest, if you are arranging one, then as a part of your weekend we highly recommend Parapark Escape Room in Budapest. It's an excellent group activity, loads of fun and will help engage your group, one of our favourite things to do in Budapest.


Budapest Escape Room


Just outside of Budapest Herend Porcelain Manufactory is a major attraction in Hungary and if you are into porcelain, this is the world’s largest porcelain factory and is well worth a visit. It's not quite in Budapest but if you fancy a little culture and getting out of the city for a day, then the Herend Porcelain Factory is a great opportunity to that. 


Herend Porcelain Factory


So Buda or Pest? You decide.

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