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Why Should you Take a Tour on a Trike?

Motor trikes come in a few various forms but they are all based around a three-wheeled vehicle that is powered either by electric or a petrol, diesel engine. The joy of a motor trike is that you do not need a motorcycle licence to ride one, all you need, in most countries is a standard car driving licence. Most trikes have three or four seats, so if you need a tour for a small group of people, hiring a couple of trikes or maybe even one should be sufficient. The great thing about trike tours is that when you are in a small group, tours can be tailored and adapted for the needs of the group instead of being structured in a set way.

People love to take a tour on a trike, as an open cabin vehicle, they offer a sense of freedom you do not get in most conventional road vehicles. Motor trikes are easy to ride and the feeling of the wind in your face whilst exploring places new is a sensation like no other. A tour by trike is suitable for experienced trike riders and also suitable for those who have a car licence, as these three-wheelers are easy to ride and don't take long at all to get used to. There are so many fantastic destinations to explore by trike and here at GivYo we are letting you know our favourite trike tours...

Trike Tours in South Africa

So, when in South Africa, how best to explore places such as Cape Town? On trike tour of course! Cape Town and the surrounding areas have some amazing sights to see, exploring such places as Signal Hill on a trike tour is fantastic. Guided trike tours are usually the best, especially if you are not savvy to the local area. on a guided trike tour in South Africa you will have the opportunity to see the best of the area and of course you are less likely to get lost. Our range of trike tours in South Africa range from vineyard tours by trike to a romantic sunset at Signal Hill trike tour. Our trike tour guide in South Africa is awesome, he has the knowledge of the area and is friendly, helpful and will give you a fantastic insight into the areas you will visit on your trike tour of Cape Town and its surrounding areas.

Trike Tours South Africa

Trike Tours Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is beautiful, it's the largest lake in Italy and is located adjacent to the Dolomites. For those of you who are thinking of taking a tour of Lake Garda, the best tours of Lake Garda are trike tours. The reason why taking a tour by trike of Lake Garda is better than any other tour in a vehicle is because, unlike being on a coach or in a car, on trike you are not enclosed in a cabin, you are open to get the best views and these views come with a sensation of freedom that you'll never feel inside a closed cabin vehicle. Our guy Claus will be your GivYoer on these Italian trike experiences, he will be your guide on your trike tour of Lake Garda and he is a super guy. Claus knows the best roads around Lake Garda, he will make sure you avoid the traffic and will take you to some of the secret places around Lake Garda that are hidden away and less visited by masses of tourists. We offer two trike tours of Lake Garda a full day or a two-hour tour, that usually take place in the afternoons, on both tours you will be able to see much of the beauty of Lake Garda but on the full day trike tour of Lake Garda you will be able ride a great deal further around the Lake and experience more of what the lake has to offer.

Trike Experiences Italy

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