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Things to do in Japan for Tokyo 2020

Going to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? You will need some things to do in Tokyo when you're there.

So, a little back story of the Tokyo Olympics. People have been asking has Japan held the Olympics before? The answer is yes, back in 1964 Japan was host to the Summer Olympics '64 but Japan has also hosted two winter Olympics 1972 and 1998! So, you won't be surprised when we say that Japan knows what they are doing when it comes to hosting the Olympics. Tokyo 2020 comes with the motto "Discover Tomorrow" and you will be able to discover tomorrow on the 24th July 2020! As that is when the Tokyo Olympics actually commences. The 2020 Olympic Games will run until the 9th August and will be located in two zones of Tokyo, which consist of the Heritage Zone, which you could roughly class as the west side of Tokyo and the other zone is called Tokyo Bay Zone, which unsurprisingly centres around Tokyo Bay and the east side of the city. There are as well, a few locations on the outskirts of Tokyo such as Kasumigaseki Country Club, which is where the golf will take place and Izu Velodrome, which is where the cycling will take place. There are a few other out of the city locations to one on the other side of Tokyo Bay (Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach) and several football stadiums outside of Tokyo.

With all these venues in and around Tokyo, if you are going to visit Japan to watch the 2020 Olympics you are going to need some things to do in Tokyo for the Olympics and this is where GivYo is here to give you a helping hand. We will be keeping this post up to date over the months coming up to the games with a host full of things to do in Japan for the Olympics. There will be activity ideas in Tokyo for relaxing, we will have some adrenaline experiences in Tokyo as well as cultural experiences in and around Tokyo city. Need not fear, when you have GivYo here! We will also lend a helping hand when it comes to cultural differences and etiquette.
Tokyo being the capital of innovation plans to bring technology and innovation to the 2020 Olympics, from using the latest language translating tools to robotic helpers and self-driving taxis. When visiting Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, you will certainly notice the contrast of traditional Japan mixed with the modern, futuristic Japan. Whilst in Japan, for Tokyo 2020 you can do things to enjoy both sides of Japanese culture from dining at the Robot restaurant to watching sumo wrestling. There's certainly something for everyone in Tokyo. 

Also, for those visiting Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics we will be keeping our social media platforms updated with great deals on things to do in Tokyo 2020 and some Olympic offers!

Below is our bucket list of things to do in Tokyo for Tokyo 2020...
Go to Joypolis SEGA Theme Park. Japan and Tokyo more specifically is home to the world's greatest video game consoles and video games. If you fancy a break from all the sports in Tokyo, head over to Joypolis SEGA Theme Park and get involved in virtual reality, indoor roller coasters, simulators and RPG. 

Watch sumo wrestlers train in a sumo wrestling experience at Onoe stable, which is one of the Dewanoumi sumo stables. A traditional Japanese sport, which is not one of the Olympic sports is a wonderful sports experience that can really only be spectated on in its home country. This sumo wrestling experience in Tokyo begins in the morning, you will get to meet some sumo wrestling heroes and learn about the rituals and traditions behind one of Japan's national sports. For things to do in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, a sumo wrestling experience in Japan should be near the top of your Japan 2020 bucket list.


Sumo Wrestling


Live a life less ordinary and join GivYo and take part in one of our awesome things to do in Tokyo for the Olympics 2020.

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