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Things to do for St Patricks Day

Saint Patrick's Day is also known as the feast of Saint Patrick, it's a religious and cultural celebration of Ireland's patron saint and occurs on the 17th March. The popularity of St Patrick's Day has increased massively and it's a worldwide celebration that is celebrated not only on the island of Ireland but it's now a big celebration in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina. The Irish way of celebrating is now enjoyed all over the world! 

As Saint Patrick's Day is held during Lenten in most cases there would be restrictions on eating and the drinking of alcohol, but especially for Saint Patrick's Day these were lifted for the day in order for people to enjoy the celebrations for their patron saint. 

St Patrick's Day is now the most celebrated national festival in the world and GivYo are here to recommend ideas for things to do on St Patrick's Day. Obviously, the best place to head to on St Patrick's day is Dublin and there are plenty of things to do on St Patrick's Day in Dublin. The first thought for things to do in Dublin on St Patrick's Day was to see what would be going on at the Guinness Storehouse. There is certainly plenty of things to occupy yourself with at the Guinness factory, they have a four-day St Patrick's Day festival at the Guinness Storehouse planned. The festival includes traditional Irish dancers, traditional Irish food, traditional Irish music with a traditional Irish atmosphere. The Guinness Storehouse is a fantastic place to go even when they don't have any celebrations on but to go to the Guinness Storehouse on St Patrick's Day will be phenomenal.

Guinness Storehouse


If your name is Patrick, your definitely coming in! If you are called Patrick or have a varient of the name Patrick, you will get into the Guinness Storehouse on St Patrick's Day for free! Names that are considered acceptable varients of Patrick are as follows...

If you have a group of people you are with and you are looking for things to do in Dublin on St Patrick's Day, GivYo have teamed up with the Mottly Brew to offer a learn how to brew craft beer experience. This beer brewing experience is great fun when you do it as a group, there is a lot of banter, music and beer! The Mottly Brew set up selling self-brewing kits and have expanded into offering beer brewing experiences and their passion for beer brewing is shared with their experiences. If you are up for a laugh and a few beers on St Patrick's Day then we recommend heading over to the Mottly Brew to join in with the celebrations at the microbrewery.

The Mottly Crew


As we know, not only is St Patrick's Day celebrated in Ireland, it is also celebrated in the UK. Horse racing is a tradition in Ireland as well as the UK and at the Cheltenham Festival St Patrick's day is usually celebrated. During the Cheltenham Festival there are usually a contingency of Irish heading over to the festival, many of which live in the UK but also there are usually many travelling from Ireland to join in the festivities at Cheltenham. Although the Cheltenham Festival is not officially a celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, the links with Irish horse racing and Ireland in general, make it an unofficial venue to celebrated St Patrick's Day in the UK. Therefore, if you are in the UK and are looking for things to do for St Patrick's Day in the UK, the Cheltenham Festival offers some Irish charm and celebration. 

In the UK there are several additional racecourses that host horse racing on St Patrick's day, they include Fontwell Park, Kempton Park, Newcastle, Uttoxeter and Wolverhampton.

A day out at the horse racing on St Patrick's day in Ireland will be an absolute blast, there are only two racecourses on the island of Ireland, which will be hosting horse racing on St Patrick's Day. Wexford racecourse is the only Republic of Ireland racecourse holding a race meeting on St Patrick's day, so if you are looking for things to do on St Patrick's Day and you are in Wexford then head on over to the race course and enjoy the atmosphere. If you re looking for things to do in Northern Ireland on St Patrick's day, then Down Royal will host a horse racing meeting for St Patrick's Day. Horse racing on St Patrick's Day can be enjoyed at Down Royal when you purchase on of our Horse Racing Days Out. 

Horse Racing Days Out

Saint Patrick's Day is now an international festivity and in most countries there will be some sort of celebration occurring. If you are still stuck for things to do on St Patrick's Day, then look for your local Irish pub and join in the celebrations there. Irish pubs are world famous and most cities, these days have an Irish pub. Get to your local for a few pints of the black stuff and celebrate St Patrick's Day in true Irish style, experience the charm and atmosphere of an Irish pub on St Patrick's Day this year.

At GivYo we have created a post about our recommendations in respect to the best Irish pubs in the world, have a look through our guide to the "Best Irish Pubs in the World". You never know, you may in the vicinity of one of our Irish pub recommendations and could spend St Patrick's Day in an Irish pub that we consider to be one of the best in the world.

Irish Pubs

If you're looking for a St Patrick's Day gift in Northern Ireland and need to find something extravagant, how about giving someone our bungee jump in Belfast experience? This fantastic bucket list experience can be taken part as a single bungee jump or a tandem bungee jump. The best activity in Belfast for thrill seekers.

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