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Things to do in Russia During the World Cup

Even though the World Cup in Russia kicked off way back on 14th June 2018 and after a month of international football,  that occured throughout the western parts of Russia, including Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Ekaterinburg and Saransk, it's still left us in awe of Russia and the diverse goegraphy. That's why this blog post is as popular as ever, so please feel free to read on to discover what our favourite things to do in Russia were during the world cup 2018. 

There will be plenty of people travelling to Moscow for the World Cup in June and they will of course need things to do in Russia whilst the football is not in play, and that's where GivYo are able to offer a helping in hand in finding things to do in Russia during the World Cup.
Whichever team you are following for the World Cup in Russia and wherever you are based, GivYo have plenty of ideas for things to do in Russia throughout all the world cup locations. From things to do in St Petersburg at the world cup to things to do in Volgograd during the world cup, find below a list of ideas...

Things to do in St Petersburg during the World Cup: When looking at things to do in Russia for the world cup, you will probably need to look at what to do In St Petersburg, as this is the cultural capital of Russia. St Petersburg will host the second largest amount of world cup games only behind Moscow, this means that there will be many people travelling to the city looking for things to do in St Petersburg. The must do activity that GivYo suggests, is to go traditional! We recommend going to a traditional Banya, which is an authentic Russian bath, here you will be able to relax (momentarily at least) in the sauna and steam room before you take a dip into a freezing cold plunge pool. Keeping things traditional we also recommend that you go for a typical Russian lunch, whereby you will get to enjoy Russian delicacies and of course vodka. If you want to see the sights then our full day Tour of St Petersburg is a must and one of our recomendations for top things to do in St Petersburg.

Things to do in St Petersburg

Things to do in Moscow during the World Cup: Well, Moscow takes the largest share of games hosted at the tournament, so there will certainly be thousands of people going to Moscow on the hunt for things to do in Moscow during the World Cup. GivYo understands that the world cup always brings in a diverse audience, that's why we have ideas for things to do in Moscow during the world cup for all demographics. From things to do in Moscow for couples to things to do in Moscow during the world cup for stag parties. GivYo recommends (and this may not be for everyone) Soviet & Russian Army Shooting Range Experience in Moscow as one of our top things to do in Moscow. This experience is exhilarating, exciting and also develops a skill, now, we know it may not be for everyone but for those who have ever wanted to give it a go, this is an excellent opportunity to shoot from an AK-47 a machine gun and sniper. Please be aware though that you will have to wait for the tournament to finish before you will be able to participate in any shooting experiences in Russia, during the World Cup in Russia, the Russian government have placed restrictions on shooting ranges in Russia, whilst the tournament is still active. Also... now this one is somewhat out there, but if you have crazy amounts of money to spend, you should definitely try a Zero Gravity Experience. This experience is one of the most expensive things you can do in Moscow during the World Cup but that said it is out of this world.

Things to do in Moscow

Things to do in Volgograd during the World Cup: Volograd will hold 4 group stage matches at the world cup and is located on the Volga river and is over 900 km south south-east of Moscow. There are plenty of things to do in Volgograd during the world cup and many of them include visits to museums and theatres, plus there are many beautiful buildings to admire and parks on long walks. But for those who are looking for adventure there are also a few things you can do in Volgograd to pass the time such as an escape room adventure in Volgograd or perhaps you can try vodka tasting at one of the local traditional bars. There is limted accommodation available in Volograd, so if you are looking for Volograd accommodation for the Worold Cup, GivYo has a solution

Things to do in Volograd

Things to do in Sochi: We all probably know Sochi because of the 2014 Winter Olympics but what you may not know is that Sochi is Russia's go to holiday resort! This means that recommending things to do in Sochi during the World Cup will be a doddle. For starters they have a beach! This is the only host city for the tournament that has a beach, so if you love a beach, head to Sochi. That said Sochi is quite far from the other host cities but connections are pretty good. There is one really crazy place to go to in Sochi that GivYo highly recommends and that is the Mountain Beach year-round water park! This water park is located on top of a shopping centre, don't let that put you off as once inside you will think you are on a tropical beach in the Caribbean. The glass roof that absorbs heat from the sun, means that the temperature is always at 30 degrees and the water is always 28 degrees. There is sand, palm trees and of course sun beds and deck chairs.
Keep an eye on this post for extra details of things to do in Russia, we will also be posting our ideas on Facebook and Twitter.

Things to do in during the World Cup
World Cup Russia 2018
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