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Experiences in Beijing

The host of the 2022 Olympics has been chosen and Beijing are the winners. Having successfully hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing are turning their hand to host the winter sports edition of the Olympic games. GivYo are here to give visitors of Beijing during the Olympics 2022 a helping hand in finding you fantastic things to do so you can live a life less ordinary.

If you are lucky enough to be going to Beijing for the Olympics in 2022, you will need to occupy yourself when you’re not fanatically supporting your nation, and that's where GivYo come into play. GivYo has been on the hunt singing up GivYoers to offer you awesome things to do in Beijing during the 2020 Olympics. From traditional Chinese experiences such as visiting the Summer Palace or Great Wall to modern Beijing experiences, like taking a tour of the 798 Art Zone.

You can visit Beijing visa free for a short period of time with GivYo if you are thinking of just popping into Beijing to catch a specific event at the 2022 Olympics, this may suit your need quite well. 

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