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Orient Express Experiences

Have you ever dreamt of going on an Orient Express journey? If so, please read on, as this post will offer some insight into the world of luxury train journeys from afternoon tea onboard the Northern Belle in England to a Grand Hibernian luxury train journey in Ireland.

Let's start at the very begining to explain the story behind the Orient Express. So, originally the Orient Express was in fact a long distance train journey that was operated by the French company Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. The original Orient Express journey took passengers from Paris to Istanbul and the name Orient Express was actually the name of the route and not the name of a train or business. Since the demise of Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, many luxury train operators have used the name Orient Express to market their luxury train journeys but in reality, the term Orient Express was just the name of the route from Paris to Istanbul.

In days gone by luxury train journeys, such as long distance Orient Express experience, or even just to have the opportunity to have lunch on the Orient Express would have only been participated in by the aristocracy. Now, it is possible for the masses to enjoy an Orient Express lunch or luxury train trip. Luxury train operators now have a vast array of luxury train experiences for various budgets from around a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands of pounds. The point is, that an experience like lunch on the Orient Express is now a possibility that can be enjoyed, given as a gift and cherished by a much wider audience.


Orient Express Ireland

Ireland now has her very own "Orient Express Experiences" with luxury train journeys aboard the Grand Hibernian.

An Orient Express Ireland Experience can also now be replicated in with a luxury train journey on the beautiful Grand Hibernian luxury train. The Grand Hibernian matches the colours of its sister train the Venice Simplon Orient Express and has only been operating in Ireland since 2015. Orient Express Ireland type experiences on the Grand Hibernian luxury train sell out extremely quick, so if you are interested in booking a Grand Hibernian experience, it is recommended that you make a reservation as early as possible. Unlike the UK journeys mentioned earlier, that consist of an experience similar to an Orient Express Lunch, an Orient Express Ireland type journey can only be experienced as a sleeper train journey. So, journeys on the Grand Hibernian take course over a few days. The price of a sleeper train journey in Ireland will totally eclipse the cost of the luxury train day trips in the UK, for the middle price bracket of a Orient Express Ireland Experience onboard the Grand Hibernian, you could expect to pay in the region of just under £4000. That said, a luxury train journey in Ireland is an experience that takes place in one of the most charming and picturesque country. Luxury is almost an understatement onboard the Grand Hibernian, the decor is immaculate, the food is exquisite, the views are breath taking and atmosphere is outstanding. Grand Hibernian train cost are all inclusive, so once you book your Irish luxury train journey on the Grand Hibernian there are no additional hidden costs.

So a little history; The Grand Hibernian began creating memorable luxurious vacations in early 2015. Belmond, the owners and operators of the Grand Hibernian, purchased a locomotive and ten carriages. The carriages were sent up to Brodie’s in Kilmarnock for exterior finishing.

Back in Ireland forty highly skilled craftsmen were commissioned to work on the interior, they were tasked with the role to develop the interiors of the carriages to resemble Georgian styling. This includes the furnishings, carpets and counters. You will notice the Celtic knot detailed in much of the furnishing, as well as tartan from the namesake county of each carriage. 

Onboard you will find The Grand Hibernian’s luxury cabins combine traditional Georgian designs along with all the modern conveniences. You can select from either one of the sixteen twin cabins or one of four double en suite cabins. After a day’s activities out and about in the Irish country, your luxury cabin will offer the perfect setting for you to relax, watch the charming Irish countryside past by your window and wind down. The best way to experience a luxury train vacation in Ireland is aboard the Grand Hibernian.

A double cabin offers a spacious environment and consists of a double bed, writing desk, wardrobe along with your own en suite. A twin cabin, offers a cosy retreat, also accompanied with it’s very own en suite

Dining onboard a luxury train is one of the stand out experiences, the Grand Hibernian is charged by Head Chef Alan Woods. Chef Woods explains that “Food is the best way to explore” and because of this, ingredients used on the Grand Hibernian are locally sourced seasonal ingredients. It is Chef Woods’ aim to send you on a gastronomical journey of Ireland whilst dining onboard the Grand Hibernian.

There are two dining establishments onboard, the Sligo restaurant car and the Wexford restaurant car, both optimise Irish charm with Georgian style and luxury. Wexford offers a bright dining experience, bathed with plenty of natural light and several tables that sit six, so you can converse and story tell with fellow diners.  The Sligo restaurant car is the epitome of luxury, with Waterford crystal and warm woods.

Should you be looking for an Orient Express Ireland experience, the option is to book a journey on the Grand Hibernian luxury train. This is, for many, a once in a lifetime experience and if you do happen to be fortunate enough to be able to take a journey on the Grand Hibernian, you will live a journey similar to that of Orient Express Experience and it will be an experience that you will most certainly treasure for many many years. 

The Grand Hibernian Irish luxury train has a small catalogue of tours including The Legends and Loughs Tour, The Taste of Ireland luxury train tour, The Northbound Grand Tour of Ireland and the Southbound Grand Tour of Ireland. The Legends and Loughs Tour, will take you on a magical journey to the charming loughs of the emerald island. A Taste of Ireland luxury train tour is the shortest journey on offer with the Grand Hibernian, you will spend two wonderous nights fully inclusive onboard the luxury train, stopping of at locations such as Curraghmore House and Bishop's Place. There are also two Grand Tours of Ireland, these luxury train journeys take place over several days stopping off at various locations across Ireland and Northern Ireland. There is a Southbound luxury train journey of Ireland that heads southwards to Cork and Killarney before heading in a Northwards direction, stopping off at Galway, Westport and Belfast before returning south, visiting Waterford and Dublin. The Northbound luxury train tour of Ireland stops at all the same locations as the Southbound Grand Tour of Ireland but heads to the Northern locations first before heading southbound.

Dates for luxury train journeys in Ireland are being released for next year already with Orient Express Ireland journeys are being made available in April, May, June July, August, September and very limited availability in October 2019. 

Included in a Grand Hibernian train tour is your cabin accommodation, d'hôte meals (Full a la Carte Irish breakfast, 2 course lunch and a four course dinner) all beverages including alcoholic drinks, traditional entertainment, excursions as shown in your itinerary and taxes.The Grand Hibernian really does offer a fully inclusive luxury train package.

Luxury Trains Ireland

Orient Express Journeys UK

In the UK, there are several luxury trains operating various different journeys at various different budgets, for example the Northern Belle luxury train is where you could experience something similar to lunch on the Orient Express. The Northern Belle Spirit of Travel Lunch departs on fifteen dates throughout the year from several train stations across England, the cost of this experience of lunch on the Northern Belle is approximately £250 and would make for a fantastic day out. The Northern Belle luxury train also runs special occasion journeys, for example, if your mum has ever fancied an Orient Express experience, you could buy her a Mother's Day lunch on the Northern Belle and she will be able to live in the glamour of the 1930's on a luxury train journey. The Mother's Day lunch on the Northern Belle only operates on 9th, 10th and 11th of March and would cost in the region of £275. There is now also the possibility of a journey similar to an afternoon tea Orient Express experience, this also occurs on the Northern Belle and departs from sixteen railway stations throughout England. An afternoon tea on the Northern Belle will cost less than £200, making luxury train experiences affordable to a mass market.

In the UK an Orient Express lunch experience can be replicated on the Northern Belle luxury train and is an experience that GivYo highly recommends. If you choose to take part in a luxury train journey on the Northern Belle, you will get a sense of glamour, nostalgia and of course luxury. For those who enjoy a little luxury in their life every now and then, we couldn't speak highly enough of a luxury train journey on the Northern Belle. When you take a journey on the Northern Belle, you will truly get the feeling of an Orient Express experience and it can be done at a much more affordable cost than ever before. 

Dates have already been released for Orient Express UK day trips 2019 for most of the year already. From afternoon tea on the Orient Express to Mothers Day lunches onboard the Northern Belle. Take a look at our Orient Express day trips 2019 and get prepared for a luxury day onboard a luxury train in 2019. Be sure to follow our social media for frequent updates on the latest  Orient Express day trips in 2019. Be sure to take a look at our Mary Berry Afternoon Tea Orient Express experience on the British Pullman, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience high tea on a luxury train with on of TV's best personalities. Also coming soon, we will be releasing dates for the Flying Scotsman!

Luxury Trains England

If you're in the UK and looking for more than an Orient Express day trip, head to Scotland and embark on a magical journey to the Scottish Highlands onboard one of the world's most celebrated luxury sleeper trains, the Royal Scotsman. This Scottish luxury train will send you on a Orient Express Scotland journey to the awe inspiring country, full of history and myth. If you've dremt about exploring the magical Scottish Highlands, there is really no better way of doing it than on an Orient Express experience on The Royal Scotsman. 

The Royal Scotsman is one of the most luxurious sleeper trains in the world, and to experience this type of luxury in the gorgeous Scottish Highlands is the perfect combination. The Royal Scotsman brings the romance back to a travelling vacation and is considered to be one of the most luxurious of sleeper trains in the world and is one of the only luxury sleeper trains that has an onboard spa. A combination of beauty in the Scottish Highlands and luxury aboard The Royal Scotsman you can enjoy a journey of a lifetime. Take a look at the wonderful Orient Express journeys available on the Royal Scotsman.

Luxury Trains Scotland

We have also just had our luxury train GivYoer create a very special listing for an amazing stream train holiday in Wales. This wonderful trip will give the opportunity to discover many of Wales' old steam railway lines in a 7-night holiday. These vintage steam trains in Wales are not sleeper trains, so your accommodation for the overnight stayovers will be hotel based with breakfasts included. If you are a lover of the steam trains and would like to experience a steam railway holiday in Wales then you must take a look at this listing for an Orient Express experience in Wales.

Orient Express Wales


GivYo will soon be launching other Orient Express experiences soon, covering the original Orient Express journey from Paris to Istanbul so keep your eyes peeled for updates. We have also just released our Trans-Siberian Orient Express journey of Russia and the Far East, take a look here for more details. There will also soon be updated Orient Express experiences in Europe and America being released for 2020.

If you've taken part in an Orient Express journey, we'd love to hear from you about your experience, please get in contact with us and tell how your luxury train holiday or luxury train day trip went.

If you would to discuss a journey on the Royal Scotsman or Grand Hibernian, you can contact one of our luxury train operators by calling on +44 20 380 55535 and they will be more than happy to discuss journey options, payment options and any special requirements.

Live a life less ordinary and tavel in luxury on an Orient Express journey. Our GivYoer details a comprehensive list of luxury train journeys on their website. 

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