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Drive a Supercar at Nutts Corner Northern Ireland

If you are looking for a track driving experience in Northern Ireland, there is only one place for it and that's Nutts Corner. As a driving experience venue in Northern Ireland, Nutts Corner is considered the home of Northern Irish driving experiences, with go karting, supercar driving experiences as well as corporate circuit hire. Positioned just under 30 minutes’ drive from Belfast, Nutts Corner circuit is ideally located in Northern Ireland just outside the capital. 

There are two circuit set ups at Nutts Corner, the national circuit and the international circuit. 
So, the national circuit at Nutts Corner is the smaller of the two circuits and measures 550 meters long. There are four fantastic corners in this circuit set up, including a tight hairpin bend, top speeds in go karts can reach up to 45 mph and an average lap time in dry conditions is 28 seconds! The international circuit at Nutts Corner offers a longer and faster drive with a long straight and fast turns and it great for supercar driving experiences in NI. Top speeds on the international track for the Go Karts available at Nutts Corner can reach up to 50 mph, whilst is measures over twice the distance of the national circuit at 1140 meters. There are 9 corners on this circuit, including the notorious off camber hairpin.

When you go karting at Nutts Corner, you will be racing in one of the fastest go karts available a Sodi GT5, the French built karts come complete with a Honda 270CC engine. Not only are these go karts super-fast, reaching over 50 mph, they are also super safe with the HEAD protection system. 

Not only can you go karting at Nutts Corner there is also the possibility of supercar driving experiences at Nutts Corner, so if you fancy taking to the wheel to take part in a supercar driving experience in Northern Ireland, Nutts Corner is the circuit to do this. Whether you want to drive a Porsche in Northern Ireland or perhaps you'd like to take to the wheel of a Ferrari for a supercar driving experience at Nutts Corner, these are all now possible with GivYo.

Take a look at some our awesome driving experiences at Nutts Corner and give a driving gift experience in Northern Ireland that will make that special someone extremely happy.

At present there aren't any operators for super driving experiences at Nutts Corner, but we are working in collaboration with go Ferrari driving in Northern Ireland in offering on-the-road supercar driving experiences in Northern Ireland.

We also work in collaboration with a GivYoer who operates Rally Driving experiences in Northern Ireland. Hopefully soon we will be able to bring you the good news that we've got onboard a GivYoer who is able to offer supercar driving experiences at Nutts Corner, meaning once again there will be supercar driving experience in Northern Ireland. Keep an eye on our social media for further updates.


Driving Experiences Northern Ireland


If you fancy being the owner of a Ferrari 360 F1, then you can for a short while with a Ferrari driving experience in Belfast. Select between a 20 minute driving experience or a 45 minute Ferrari driving experience in NI. This is an on the road supercar driving experience in Northern Ireland and allows you a full 20 minutes or 45 minutes driving, which works out to be a lot longer than a track experience at the same price! 

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