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Ideas for Mother's Day

Depending on where you are in the World, Mother's Day is one of those special occasions where, annoyingly the actual date changes depending on the year and which country you are in.  In the US for 2019 Mother's Day falls on Sunday, 12 May, whereas in Britain it is on Sunday, 31st March. One thing is for certain it will be a Sunday!

Afternoon tea is always going to be a favourite, throw in some Champagne and a few take home petit fours (aka posh chocolate type sweets) and you will be elevated to Favourite Child Number 1 status. Afternoon tea is a very British tradition, but nowadays Afternoon tea is enjoyed in all corners of the world, from your usual afternoon tea in Britain and Ireland to afternoon tea in Australia or even afternoon tea in Abu Dhabi. To take your mum for afternoon tea on Mother's Day, would be an absolute treat for her, but you can make it extra special by going somewhere a little out of the ordinary. GivYo have some amazing options for afternoon tea on Mother's Day, a few options include a Mother's Day afternoon tea on the Northern Belle luxury train. If you are in Edinburgh and want to take mum somewhere different for afternoon tea on Mother's Day, how about afternoon tea on a double decker bus while touring the beautiful sights of Edinburgh! Alternatively, if you just happen to be in Abu Dhabi on Mother's Day, how about taking afternoon tea at the marvellous Emirates Palace, in our Mother's Day afternoon tea in Abu Dhabi experience.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

The serenity of a sunrise hot air balloon flight is a breathtakingingly unforgettable experience to share with your Mom. It can be a bit tricky to get a date because of the requirement for fine weather with the right wind direction, but by all accounts it is worth the wait. Take a took at our hot air balloon flights for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Hot Air Ballooning

Looking for an alternative gift for Mother's Day, perhaps a gift that is special but not flowers. An amazing Mother's Day gift, alternative to flowers is the gift of a tree! This Mother's Day why not give an eco friendly Mother's Day present and give a Plant a Tree Gift? This gift will far out live any bunch of flowers and it is far more thoughtful. With a selection of locations where you can have your tree gift planted, you can give a Mother's Day gift that not only gives something to your mother but also gives back to mother earth.

Plant a Tree Mother's Day Gift

If you are on a bit of a budget but still want to get an eco friendly Mother's Day gift, then our adopt a bee gift will certainly do the job. The positive impact that bees have on our environment is imersurable and their importance in our ecosystem is extremely undervalued. Why not say happy Mother's Day this year with an adopt a bee gift and thank her for "beeing" an awesome mum.

Adopt a Bee Mother's Day Gift

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