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Fly a Fighter Jet

If you've ever fancied being a fighter pilot and would like to know what it feels like to fly in a fighter jet, GivYo can give you the opportunity to become a fighter pilot for a day. We have an awesome selection of jet fighter experiences in locations throughout the world from Moscow to LA.

In some of our fighter jet experiences you can if you fancy it control the fighter jet by yourself and fly a fighter jet, performing manoeuvres. With all our jet fighter experiences, you will be fully briefed by expert qualified fighter pilots who will take you on the flight of a lifetime. In most of our fighter jet flights you will experience some awesome manoeuvres, which will make you feel like a roller coaster is just a drive in the country. Manoeuvres could include rolls, split-s, immelman turns and loops. It is also possible in certain locations where we offer fighter jet experiences that you may take part in low-pass manoeuvres above the airfield and in some jet fighter flights you also experience supersonic flight.

We have several locations, whereby you can be a fighter pilot for a day, they include...

Paris France:
France is a fantastic location to take part in a fighter jet experience. You can be a fighter pilot for a day in the French capital and fasten up your belt in an Aero Albatros L-39 to take part in an aviation experience that will get the adrenaline pumping. You will experience 30 minutes flying in the amazing Aero L-39 Albatros, a fighter jet that is well known for its capabilities and is highly used amongst many of the world's air forces as a trainer jet. Your day will be spent with a qualified fighter pilot who will give you as much insight as possible in a day that you’ll never forget.

Fighter Jet France

St Stephen in Switzerland:
This must be one of the most picturesque locations where we are able to offer a fighter jet experience. You will have the opportunity to fly a fighter jet in the Swiss Alps and not just any fighter jet, one of the greats, the Hawker Hunter! Speeds of Mach 0.94 can be reached in one of the world's iconic jet fighters. In this Hawker Hunter experience, you will be able to take part in low valley passes as well as many other exhilarating manoeuvres, such as tail chasing, climb and dive, loops, rolls, split-s and Immelmann. To be a fighter pilot for a day in a Hawker Hunter in the Swiss Alps is a dream, for many aviators out there and this could be your chance to live your dream and live a life less ordinary.

Fighter Jet Switzerland

Moscow Russia:
With numerous fighter jet flying experiences in Russia, you will be spoilt for choice. The most affordable fighter jet experience in Moscow is to fly in an Albatros L-39, a training jet and a display aircraft, with amazing dynamic capabilities. You will be able to experience jet fighter manoeuvres from loops to climb and dives as well as Immelmann and some fast-low level flying if the conditions are right. Russia and Moscow in particular is a fantastic venue to take place in a jet fighter experience, so if you are planning on being a fighter pilot for a day then why not take the opportunity to explore Russia too!

Fighter Jet Russia

United States:
There are plenty of options, when it comes to fighter jet experiences in the States, we have options in New York, Florida and Los Angeles, all of which are fantastic locations. With your fighter pilot you will take to the air in an Aero Vodochody aircraft, a L-39 Albatros. The Albatros is a high-performance jet trainer, you may also get the chance to take to the controls of this fighter jet. Your fighter pilot will send you on an aerobatic voyage, where you will experience some awesome aerobatic manoeuvres including Cuban eights and barrel rolls to name just a couple. Become a fighter pilot for a day in America and take to the skies in the flight of your life.

Fighter Jet USA

Calgary in Canada:
Become a fighter pilot for the day in Calgary, Canada. Experience aerobatic combat manoeuvres with a fighter pilot and you’ll have the opportunity to take to the controls yourself to fly a fighter jet in Canada.  This is one of our longest fighter jet flights, you will experience 45 minutes flying an Albatros L-39 over the skies of Calgary. 

Fighter Jet Canada

Riga in Latvia:
Experience the thrill of flying in an Albatros L-39 fighter jet in the capital of Latvia. If you are fanatical about aviation, you may well of heard of the famous aerobatic display team "Vyazma Rus", it's at their base where this jet fighter experience in Latvia will take place. This fighter jet flight in Riga will allow you to experience speeds of 750 kph in one of the sleekest looking fighter jets that is still widely used as a training jet by numerous air forces around the world. Flying a fighter jet in Riga, is one of the most affordable ways of taking part in a fighter jet experience.

Fighter Jet Latvia

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