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Environmentally Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

GivYo loves being environmentally friendly and we have created this post to offer our readers environmentally friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas that won't break the bank. It's so important now more than ever to be gifting responsibly and that is what we try to promote. We know that it is great to give gifts and fantastic to receive a gift, but at the same time it's so important to look after the planet. This post will detail some environmentally friendly gifts for Mother's Day that offer a positive effect on the environment as well as some that have minimal impact on the environment. Be kind to the planet on Mother's Day and be kind to your mum. Take a look below at some our gift ideas for a eco friendly Mother's Day present...

A gift that is the most sustainable Mother's Day gift would be to give a plant a tree gift and with a dedicated tree you will also receive a personalised certificate. A plant a tree gift is the most environmentally friendly Mother's Day gifts that one can give. 

The effect that planting a tree has on the environment in comparison to a physical gift that has been manufactured in a factory, probably contains plastics and toxins and has been wrapped with sticky tape and paper is beyond compare. When you give an eco gift on Mother's Day, such as a plant a tree gift, you are only helping the environment and at the same time giving a gift to your mum that is thoughtful and great for the environment. You can give back to the planet on Mother's Day and give something thoughtful to your mother when you give a plant a tree gift.

Sustainable Tree Gift

One of our favourite sustainable Mother's Day gifts is our Adopt a Bee gift. The purpose of this gift is to promote the awareness of the importance that bees have on the planet and our environment. Unfortunately, the bee population is declining rapidly and many people are unaware that bees contribute massively towards crop pollination, meaning they are massive contributors towards human’s food sources. With this fabulously environmentally friendly Mother's Day gift, you will receive a digital certificate of adoption and you will also be contributing towards the maintenance and creation of bee hives. Bee friendly this Mother’s Day and give an eco friendly gift and create homes for the hard working bees that help towards pollinating the planet’s crops.

Bee Adoption Gift

There are also various other gift experiences for Mother's Day, which could also be seen as eco-friendly. For example, a walking tour is not going to cause any additional damage to the environment and could be considered a fantatsic eco friendly Mother's Day gift. At GivYo, we have a super selection of walking tours in the UK, Ireland and in fact various locations across the globe. Why not buy a walking tour for a Mother's Day gift and go with your mum and enjoy her company? Spend time together and also be environmentally friendly this Mother's Day. 

GivYo gift vouchers last for 99 years and are exchangeable against any of our gifts and experiences. Buy your mum an eco-friendly Mother's Day gift this year with GivYo.

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