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Educational Days Out UK

During the holidays do you find it challenging trying to find things to do with the kids? Are you a parent who likes to educate their children on a day out? Well, GivYo have a great selection of ideas for educational days out with the kids and don't forget to let them know that just because something is educational it doesn't mean it's not fun.

Depending on where you are in the UK and how far you want to travel may also contribute to the type of educational day out you can have with the kids. London has plenty to offer, locations closer to the sea tend to have more maritime days out and places in the country can offer an educational day out with the kids that is more agriculturally based.

Diggerland is a great day out for kids and adults, it's great fun and also educational. There are four Diggerlands are ideally positioned throughout England from Durham in and Castleford in the north to and Devon and Kent in the South. Diggerland makes for a great educational day out with the kids during the holidays and is suitable for people of all ages from toddlers with the soft play area to adults who can enjoy the rides and have a go on the diggers too.



If you're in Brighton and are looking to go on an educational trip out with the kids you could take a flight on the Brighton i360 Observation Tower. This is a fascinating experience, with the small exhibition on the ground floor detailing how the tower was created and information within the capsule showcasing places of interest, there are things one can learn from taking a flight on the Brighton i360. Plus, the views when the capsule reaches the top of the tower are brilliant. Take the kids on a Brighton i360 flight for a wonderful educational day out with the kids during the holidays.

Brighton i360


For a historical, educational day out with the kids in Canterbury, you should tale the Canterbury tales experience. This is a small tour that delves into the fascinating history of Canterbury. With costumed actors that recreate scenes from medieval Canterbury, this interactive medieval Canterbury tour will send you on a wonderful, insightful journey into historic Canterbury, which is very educational and great fun. If you are looking to spend some time in Canterbury and want to take the kids on an educational trip during the holidays, the Canterbury Tales tour will be just what you're looking for.

Canterbury Tales

Now you may not think that a Harry Potter Studio Tour makes for an educational day out with the kids during the holiday but, it really does. This extended Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour is an amazing day out for kids and adults alike, especially if you're Harry Potter fans. The things that makes this Harry Potter tour so educational is because of the depth pf detail that the tour goes into in respect to the actual making of the films. For fun, educational things to do with the kids during the holidays, take a look at this making of Harry Potter studio tour in Hertfordshire.

Harry Potter


Depending on the age of your children, will depend on whether they will appreciate a Buckingham Palace tour! They will get to opportunity to visit the Queen's London home and gardens; this is a great educational day out for the kids during the holidays. The Palace is open to the public from the end of June until the end of September and this year the Buckingham Palace tour will also include a Queen Victoria exhibition, that celebrates her 200th birthday. Take the kids to Buckingham Palace to visit the home of their Monarch for a great day out during the holidays.

Buckingham Palace

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