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Eco Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Going eco friendly, is not only fashionable it's also very important. It's nice to give gifts on special occasions such as Father's Day but there is a problem with this, because many of us are not gifting responsibly. In the majority of cases, when gifts are given, we are damaging the environment. Think of the production that goes into a box of chocolates, the raw materials need to be farmed then shipped, they require a factory to manufacture them into an end product, they need to be packaged and then they need to be shipped again to a store, and if you are one of those organised people, you will probably wrap them too! Just think about the effect that all this has on the environment. 

So, bearing all this in mind and understanding the fact that people love to give gifts and it's great to receive gifts, GivYo has collated some super environmentally friendly gift ideas for Father's Day. From planting a tree to adopting a bee, if you prefer to give a physical gift on Father's Day, then we also have a selection of bamboo gift ideas too. Have a read below and find the perfect environmentally friendly gift for your father this Father's Day.

Plant a Tree gift for Father's Day, dedicate a tree to your dad on Father's Day, give a home to wildlife, give your dad a great gift and feel great about doing it. To give a plant a tree gift on Father's Day is awesome, it's a bit like giving your mum flowers on Mother's Day but it's more of a manly gift. Probably the most environmentally friendly Father's Day gift, planting a tree benefits the environment and eco-system and unlike many gifts that are produced in a factory, packaged and shipped, a tree is organic and will also last for many, many years.

Plant a Tree Gift

Adopt a Bee for your Father on Father's Day, this is a highly environmentally friendly gift idea for Father's Day, that is low cost, thoughtful and great for the environment. Again, adopting a bee is sustainable gift, eco-friendly and shows your caring side. If you have a father that would appreciate an environmentally friendly gift for fathers day this could be it.

Adopt a Bee

Gift responsibly on Father's Day and give a gift that will be caring, thoughtful and positive on the environment, give an eco-friendly Father's Day gift this year and give something back to the planet.

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