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Raymond Blanc Cookery School in Oxford

Raymond Blanc cooking lesson with lunch on the full day cooking courses, tea and coffee as well as a Raymond Blanc Cookery School certificate of completion
From $225 per person

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Learn to cook at Raymond Blanc Cookery School

Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is the UK's first Michelin starred kitchen to have its own cookery school. Located in the gorgeous Oxfordshire countryside, walk up the lavender bordered pathway to the grand 15th century manor and enter the Raymond Blanc Cookery School, where you will set out on a gastronomic journey. There are numerous cooking courses in Oxford's most prestigious cookery school, from half day Let's Cook! intense courses to full day Autumn Dinner Party cooking courses.

With GivYo, you can book in a cooking class in Oxford for yourself by selecting the cooking course of your choice via the "Book now" button. Alternatively, if you are looking to give a cooking school gift, simply select the "Gift it" button, where you can create a digital, printable Raymond Blanc Cookery School gift voucher. GivYo makes it easy to give the gift of cooking classes in Oxford with our "Infinity Voucher", which has a lifetime validity of 99 years. If you want to book a cooking course in Oxford at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School, all you need to do now is to select from the following Raymond Blanc cooking classes...

Let's Cook! With Raymond Blanc cooking school, an experience of culinary perfection in a half day cooking course in Oxford. This is an intensive cooking class where you will learn to create an inspirational three course menu, seasonal to the time of year when you take part. This cooking class is a great class for experienced cooks as well as those wanting to learn. Let's Cook is our most popular Raymond Blanc cooking courses, there are plenty of dates but if you're interested in this class GivYo still recommends that you book as far in advance as possible. Dates for Let's Cook! are as follows;


15-Sep (PM) Let's Cook!
18-Sep (PM) Let's Cook!
22-Sep (PM) Let's Cook!
29-Sep (PM) Let's Cook!
06-Oct (PM) Let's Cook!
13-Oct (PM) Let's Cook!
15-Oct (PM) Let's Cook!
30-Oct (PM) Let's Cook!
14-Nov (PM) Let's Cook!
17-Nov (PM) Let's Cook!
21-Nov (PM) Let's Cook!
24-Nov (PM) Let's Cook!
28-Nov (PM) Let's Cook!
01-Dec (PM) Let's Cook!
05-Dec (PM) Let's Cook!
11-Dec (PM) Let's Cook!
15-Dec (PM) Let's Cook!
22-Dec (PM) Let's Cook!
Let's Cook MORNING Sessions
15-Sep (AM) Let's Cook!
22-Sep (AM) Let's Cook!
29-Sep (AM) Let's Cook!
06-Oct (AM) Let's Cook!
13-Oct (AM) Let's Cook!
17-Nov (AM) Let's Cook!
24-Nov (AM) Let's Cook!
28-Nov (AM) Let's Cook!
01-Dec (AM) Let's Cook!
15-Dec (AM) Let's Cook!
22-Dec (AM) Let's Cook!

Adult & Child, these full day Raymond Blanc cooking classes are fantastic in bringing families together with the help of food. Working together as a team, the Raymond Blanc Adult and Child cooking classes are created to have fun in the kitchen, working as a team to conjure meals for your whole family to enjoy. These classes have been developed for adults to take part with children aged between seven and twelve years old. Dates available for the Adult & Child courses are listed below;

26-Oct Adult & Child (7-12 years)
02-Nov Adult & Child (7-12 years)

Advanced Bread, is a bread baking course carried out by the marvellous Benoit Blin. At Belmond Le Manoir, you will learn all there is to know about creating classic breads. This is a two-day advanced bread baking course and it is highly recommended that you take part in the beginner’s course before delving into the world of advanced bread baking. Select one of the following available dates to book the course, alternatively, if you are looking at buying Advanced Bread baking course as a gift then you simply need to select the “Gift It” button, from there you can create your personalised gift voucher.

12 & 13 November Advanced Bread

Afternoon Tea, learn the arts to recreate this Great British tradition. The Afternoon Tea cooking course will teach you how to create numerous treats including delicious tartlets, scones, finger sandwiches as well as an impressive gâteaux to name a few. Discover how to create the ultimate afternoon tea at the Raymond Blanc cookery school, with dates noted below;

Afternoon Tea cooking sessions will be released again soon.

Autumn Dinner Party, at the Raymond Blanc cookery school in Oxfordshire is a fantastic full day cooking class in which you will to conjure the perfect dinner party. You will use seasonal ingredients and also discover essential techniques to deliver a delightful dinner party stress free. Dates the Autumn Dinner Party Cooking Class in Oxford take place are as follows;

28-Sep Autumn Dinner Party
07-Oct Autumn Dinner Party
12-Oct Autumn Dinner Party
19-Oct Autumn Dinner Party
20-Oct Autumn Dinner Party
01-Nov Autumn Dinner Party
09-Nov Autumn Dinner Party
19-Nov Autumn Dinner Party

Blanc Vite cooking course is a cookery class influence by Raymond Blanc's bestseller "Blanc Vite" cooking book. On the Blanc Vite course there is huge emphasis on creating nutritional gourmet meals quickly to suit your lifestyle. This is a fantastic course, where you will discover how to create gorgeous meals in minutes that impress. Dates available for the Blanv Vite cookery class are as follows;

14-Sep Blanc Vite
30-Sep Blanc Vite
14-Oct Blanc Vite
10-Nov Blanc Vite
18-Nov Blanc Vite
30-Nov Blanc Vite
19-Dec Blanc Vite
29-Aug Blanc Vite
03-Sep Blanc Vite
08-Dec Blanc Vite

Chocolate Heaven is "The" cooking course for chocolate lovers. This full day lesson will have you try your hand at creating delicious truffles, mousses, cakes, tempered chocolate masterpieces as well as tarts! This chocolate cooking course is very popular and dates are limited, it's recommended you book as far in advance as possible. Available dates are as follows;

16-Oct Chocolate Heaven

Creative Canapes, a half day course, which is fantastic for those who like to throw a dinner party, cocktail night or special event. Creative Canapes will teach you how to create restaurant style canapes that will certainly set the scene at a glamorous dinner party or cocktail evening. Book onto Creative Canapes at the Raymond Blanc cooking school, which occurs on the following dates;

15-Oct (AM) Creative Canapes
21-Nov (AM) Creative Canapes
11-Dec (AM) Creative Canapes


Christmas Lunch cooking course at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School is a great al day cooking class, which will details the secrets behind creating a Christmas Dinner to remember. For s tress free festive season, a Christmas Lunch cooking course will allow you to make Christmas entertaining and easy. Book one of the follow dates now and enjoy cooking at Christmas;

16-Nov Traditional Christmas Lunch
26-Nov Traditional Christmas Lunch
09-Dec Traditional Christmas Lunch
14-Dec Traditional Christmas Lunch
18-Dec Traditional Christmas Lunch
21-Dec Traditional Christmas Lunch

Garden to Plate: In the Oxfordshire countryside, the gardens of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons offer fresh, organic produce ready to be picked and cooked in this garden to plate Raymond Blanc cooking course. Dates for Garden to Plate are as follows...
21-Sep Garden to Plate
25-Sep Garden to Plate

Gluten Free, for those who are gluten intolerant or cook for people that are, this is a super gluten free cooking course at the wonderful Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, where under the direction of a Raymond Blanc trained chef you will learn to art to creating gluten free delights that will tantalise your taste buds. This gluten free cooking course in Oxford does get booked up quickly and dates are fairly limited, so if you are keen to take part, then is is suggested to book in as far in advance as you can. Dates for the Raymond Blanc gluten free cooking courses are as follows; 

Dates for the Gluten Free Raymond Blanc cooking course will be released soon, please keep an eye out for the latest dates here and on our social media platforms.

Kitchen Secrets with Adam Johnson. Raymond Blanc's successful BBC2 series “Kitchen Secrets” along with his Development Chef, Adam Johnson, invite you to learn techniques including slow cooking, poaching, baking, frying, roasting and grilling. The following dates are available for you to book onto the full day Kitchen Secrets cooking lesson;

Kitchen Secrets cooking courses at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons take place on...

04-Nov Kitchen Secrets
03-Dec Kitchen Secrets

Magic of Macaron, join Raymond Blanc in becoming a connoisseur of French macarons. On this half day macaron cookery class, you will discover the concise methods to master these wonderful coveted Parisian delicacies. Dates for the Magic of Macaron cooking course are as follows;

03-Oct (PM) The Magic of Macaron £180 per person
17-Oct (AM) The Magic of Macaron £180 per person
14-Nov (AM) The Magic of Macaron £180 per person

Magic of Vegetables, Pulses & Herbs is a vegetarian cooking course great for learning how to create healthy lighter dishes enhanced with spices and herbs. The following dates are available to book a Magic of Vegetables, Pulses and Herbs cooking lesson;

01-Oct Magic of Vegetables
05-Nov Magic of Vegetables
10-Dec Magic of Vegetables
26-Aug Magic of Vegetables

Maman Blanc's, this Raymond Blanc cooking course is inspired by Raymond's mother. You will be transported back to his childhood, where you will learn to cook the dishes his mother made for him as a child. With very strong links to the kitchen garden, you will learn to create, wholesome, hearty meals for the whole family. Dates for Maman Blanc's cooking course are as follows;

16-Sep Maman Blanc
26-Sep Maman Blanc
05-Oct Maman Blanc
11-Nov Maman Blanc
23-Nov Maman Blanc
02-Dec Maman Blanc
20-Dec Maman Blanc
27-Jul Maman Blanc

Pastisserie, if you love macarons, tarts and cakes then the Pastisserie full day cooking class may well be a handy course to take. You will learn the art involved in creating these fanciful dishes and you will also learn how to create the perfect soufflé. The dates available for the Pastisserie are;

27-Sep Patisserie
11-Oct Patisserie
31-Oct Patisserie
15-Nov Patisserie
13-Dec Patisserie
25-Nov Patisserie 
Advanced Patisserie

Dates for the Advanced Patisserie Raymond Blanc course are as follows...

24-Sep Advanced Patisserie
29-Nov Advanced Patisserie

Seasonal Hamper, create your own hamper with seasonal ingredients. This delightful full day cooking course in Oxford at the Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons inspired by Raymond Blanc will teach you how to cook delightful savoury and sweet dishes to add to a seasonal hamper, which you could give as a gift or take on your own day out in the countryside. Available dates for the Seasonal Hamper cooking lessons are;

17-Sep Seasonal Hamper

Secrets of Eggs, the ultimate versitile ingredient, the egg! In this half day session you will master a compilation of impressive savory and sweet dishes showcasing the enormous versatility of the egg as an ingredient. Available dates for the Secrets of Eggs classes;

The Secrets of Eggs, dates for 2019 will be released soon

Stage 1, This intensive four-day Raymond Blanc Cookery Course at the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, will take you on a culinary adventure taking in masterclasses at the Michelin starred kitchen. With Stage 1, you will be resident at the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons and this is inclusive within the package. At the Raymond Blanc Cookery School, you will be nurtured with the skills required for you to create beautiful and imaginative cuisine. Stage 1 Raymond Blanc cooking courses take place on the follow dates;

Stage 1 Raymond Blanc cooking class dates at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons will be released soon. Though Stage 2 is available between 21st and 24th October (4 day course)

Stocks & Sauces, in this full day course at the Raymond Blanc cooking school you will learn how to create stocks for fish and meat dishes. You will learn everything from wine based to cream based sauces to use on numerous dishes. Book on of the follow dates for your Stocks & Sauces cooking course;

08-Nov Stocks & Sauces
06-Dec Stocks & Sauces

Stylish Soups, discover the versatility of soup, whether its thin or thick, rustic or elegant, subtle or brassy. Soup can be perfect for a dinner party starter or even on your lap in front of the TV. Discover our seasonal favourites in this Stylish Soup course, dates are as follows;

30-Oct (AM) Stylish Soup

Summer Dinner Party cooking classes at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons Raymond Blanc cooking school in Oxford. These fantastic full day cooking courses will teach you how to create the dishes for the perfect dinner party. You will use seasonal summer ingredients and discover the essential techniques required to deliver a distinguished dinner party stress free. Dates the Summer Dinner Party cooking courses in Oxford take place on the following dates;

23-Sep Summer Dinner Party

The Summer Barbeque cooking course at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is available on the 25th July.

Sweet & Savoury Souffles cooking classes are excellent for those who are trying to get to grips with creating soufflés. This course offers an insight into the techniques required to cook the perfect savoury or sweet soufflés. Impress guests with your new skill of creating wonderful soufflés. Book your half day Sweet & Savoury Soufflés course on the dates noted below;

03-Oct (AM) Sweet & Savoury Souffles

Sweet & Simple Pastry, this patisserie cooking class in Oxford at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School is a fast paced course lasting half a day, where you will discover how to create delightful treats including soufflés, cakes, tarts and desserts. Dates available for the Sweet & Simple Patisserie classes are as follows;

05-Dec (AM) Sweet & Simple Pastry

Taste & Textures from Afar is a full day Asian food cooking course at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. This Asian food cooking class is a full day cooking course where you will embark on a journey of big, bold, lively flavours from Asia. You will discover great combinations of fresh exotic ingredients and create satisfying dishes to suit your day to day lifestyle. Book on a Taste & Textures from Afar for one of the following dates;

18-Oct Taste & Textures from Afar
27-Nov Taste & Textures from Afar

Treasures from the Sea, experience a full day discovering the art of filleting flat fish, round fish, learn how to make stocks and sauces to accompany different fish and learn how to create new seafood dishes in this seafood cooking course at the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons Raymond Blanc cooking school. Dates available for this seafood cooking course in Oxford are as follows;

02-Oct Treasures of the Sea
12-Dec Treasures of the Sea

Vegan Cooking Course, whether you are vegan, cook for vegans or want to get into veganism, then this the Raymond Blanc cooking school offer a vegan cooking course that will enlighten you into the world of vegan cooking;

20-Nov Vegan
17-Dec Vegan

Winter Dinner Party, at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons Raymond Blanc cooking school in Oxford this wonderful full day cooking class in which you will learn to create the dishes for the perfect dinner party. You will use seasonal ingredients and discover the essential techniques required to deliver a delightful dinner party stress free. Dates the Winter Dinner Party cooking course in Oxford take place are as follows;

07-Dec Winter Dinner Party
16-Dec Winter Dinner Party
23-Dec Winter Dinner Party

Young Chefs, these half day cooking classes at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons are tailored especially for young aspiring chefs, with courses developed for 10 -12 age group as well as the 13-16 age group. The Raymond Blanc cooking school in Oxford sets up the classes to be fast paced and full of fun. Dates the Young Chef cooking courses take place are noted below;

28-Oct (AM) Young Chef's Academy (10-12 years)
28-Oct (PM) Young Chef's Academy (13-16 years)

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Let us nurture your natural love of food and provide you with the skills you need to translate this love into beautiful and imaginative cuisine. We are proudly the first Michelin starred kitchen in the UK to have its own cookery school and it remains the best centre of culinary knowledge. Each course provides a hands-on opportunity to develop your culinary skills in a practical and supportive learning environment, as well as being a holiday in the most luxurious and beautiful surroundings and a chance to make new friends. Under the guidance of the school’s director, Mark Peregrine and his expert team of chefs, each aspect is driven by ethical, environmental and seasonal values, whenever possible. We look forward to creating exceptional food with you.

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