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Cheese Making & Cheese Tasting in Cork

From dairy cow to your plate, you will discover the process of making an award winning cheese at a dairy farm and cheese production facility in Co. Cork. Included is a pizza lunch and drinks, bon appetito!
$101 per person

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Discover how to make and taste cheese in Cork

If you love cheese or know someone who does, then why not learn all there is to know about the production of cheese in the ultimate of cheese tasting experiences in Cork? With an award winning cheese makers you will learn how to make cheese and get the opportunity to taste, several of their award winning cheeses.

You will arrive at Toonsbridge cheese making facility and be met by your hosts Toby and Jenny, who own and run their dairy farm and facility for cheese making in Co. Cork. Originally Toby and Jenny set out by importing olive oil and Italian mozzarella, but having the cheese transported from Italy became laborious and their beleif was that the green Irish pastures around Cork could be the answer to their problems. So, Toby and Jenny decided to raise cows and create their own Italian style mozzarella from the milk of their pasture-grazed Irish cows.

This cheese making and cheese tasting experience in Cork will start out at the dairy farm, where you will learn of how the cows are raised and how the milk is produced. You will then head over to the cheese making facility and discover the secrets behind the award wining cheese making in Cork. A tour of the cheese making facility will be hosted by Jenny and Toby and then you will try your hand at cheese making in Cork. After you take part in cheese making you will then take part in some cheese tasting, this is a wonderful opportunity to taste some award winning cheeses with expert cheese makers. You will then sit down for lunch with your hosts and enjoy wine, pizza topped with mozzarella created at the facility and you can converse will fellow cheese lovers about your cheese tasting and cheese making experience in Cork.

This cheese making in Cork experience takes place on Fridays, you will need to meet Jenny at the dairy farm at 11:00. 

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